Our Mission

At Mountain View Realty it is our mission to provide prospective buyers with the best possible foreclosures in Pike and Wayne counties.

It is our goal to make sure each foreclosure is free of liens and judgments that may cloud the title of a property. Each prospective buyer is made aware of any and all repairs that need to be made, and that repairs are listed and understood before closing. It is imperative that all taxes be brought up to date and "prorated" at closing.

We make each prospective buyer aware of all closing costs - including transfer tax, prorated property taxes, recording fee's, homeowners and title insurance, and other closing fee's.

The best property closings are made when all parties are fully aware of all conditions and ramifications of the transaction. This is the goal and mission of Mountain View Realty - full understanding and full disclosure on all foreclosures!

Specific information about Pocono Real Estate, communities, lakefronts or lakerights,
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